It\'s a beautiful day for a ride on the water taxi!
It's a beautiful day for a ride on the water taxi!
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What are your hours of operation?
Pirate Water Taxi is open from 11:30AM to 10:00PM Sunday through Thursday, from 11:30 AM to 11:30PM/12:00AM Friday and Saturday.

Hours are subject to change without notice and for inclement weather/lightning.


Where do the water taxis go?
There are 15 Pirate Water Taxi stops throughout the Channel District, Tampa Riverwalk and Davis and Harbour Islands. These stops give access to over 17 attractions and museums, 24 restaurants and 13 parks.


Do I need a reservation?
Reservations are not required. You may purchase tickets ahead of time online, but the water taxis board on a first come first served basis.


Where can I purchase tickets?
You can purchase tickets on-board one of the water taxis, online or at our ticket booth.


Where is your ticket booth located?
At our Convention Center dock on the Tampa RiverWalk, in front of the Sail Pavilion between the Tampa Convention Center and the Marriott Waterside


Where do we board the boat?
You can board the boat at any Pirate Water Taxi stop locations (view map here). Please note that our two Davis Island stops (Marjorie Park and Channeldrive) are on-call stops. You must call (813) 390-3711 for pick-up.


Where do we pick up the tickets?
Tickets can be picked up at our Convention Center dock on the RiverWalk, or on-board any of our water taxis. Please have an email confirmation ready.


Are there age limitations for unaccompanied children?
Children age 13 or under must be accompanied by someone 14 years of age or older when riding the Pirate Water Taxi. Children 14 and up can ride unaccompanied.


Am I guaranteed a seat on the taxi if I pre-purchase?
We are unable to guarantee spots in the event that the boat is at capacity. In the event the boat is at capacity, you may transfer your ticket to a different day.


Do the taxis run if it rains?
Pirate Water Taxi service is weather dependent and will be suspended for lightning, heavy rain and high winds. It is up to the Captain to decide whether conditions are unsafe and to delay or cancel the cruise accordingly. If cruises are canceled due to stormy weather, or any other reason, rain checks will be issued to allow you to return on another day. Please check the homepage of our website for up to date weather advisory information.


Are there life jackets on board?
We are U.S. Coast Guard certified and have adult and child lifejackets onboard every water taxi.


How many people fit on the taxi?
Our two larger water taxis, Pirate Pat and Captain Jack, hold 46 total passengers. L’atitude Lindsey holds 34 passengers, and Matey Mason holds a maximum of 29 passengers.


Are your boats covered?
Yes, our water taxis are covered, however, they are open air on the sides. Please dress accordingly.


Do your boats go to St. Pete?


Is there anything to eat or drink on the boats?
Bottled water, beer, and wine are available for purchase.


Can you bring outside food or alcohol?
Single snacks and bottled water are allowed.


Are there restrooms on the boat?


Are your boats wheelchair accessible?
Yes, all boats are wheelchair accessible.


Do you allow dogs on board?
While Pirate Water Taxi loves dogs, we carry too many people to be able to oversee animals as well. Only registered service animals are permitted.


Do you allow bikes on board?
Bikes are not allowed on-board.  However, bikes can be stored (at your own risk) at our Convention Center dock while on a cruise.