It\'s a great day for a ride on the river!
It's a great day for a ride on the river!
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Senior Captain
Captain Dustin came from a long line of destructive and pillaging pirates. What is he doing here at Pirate Water Taxi you ask? He’s hiding from a rival crew he used to be a part of. They haven’t found him yet, and he'd like to keep it that way.
Captain "Ebb Tide Ed" was on the original Gasparilla Pirate fleet when he got caught in an ebb tide leading him to the Yacht StarShip. He worked as a mate on the StarShip fleet for a few years, but wanted more adventure, so he traded his formal salt and peppers for black and yellow pirate garb.
After Wendy left Neverland with her brothers, she never could find an adventure quite like it. She eventually found a way back to Neverland by stealing the Scottish ship the Jolly Barrie, used some pixie dust she had leftover, and sailed towards the second star on the right, and straight on to morning. After arriving in Neverland, Wendy decided to settle an old debt and battle Captain Hook. After defeating him, Captain Wendy took on the name Captain "Wendy Hook", to try and find Peter Pan to reunite with her childhood friend. Captain Wendy Hook has made port in Tampa, after reports that Peter Pan was seen around the Jose Gasparilla.
Captain Michael traveled the islands working with various musical artists like Sailor Swift, Seáyonce, and Frank Ocean. One day he decided that he needed a home port. After hearing about all the concerts that come to downtown Tampa, Captain Mysterious Michael decided to dock here for the foreseeable future, and join the water taxi crew hoping to get a glimpse of the shows. Nobody actually knows where he came from before the islands. Legend has it he rose from the sea foam one day inside a giant clam, but most believe it's an old fishwives tale.
"Salty Sam" has been with Pirate Water Taxi since March of 2016. He is 1/16 mermaid, and that's why he's salty. His heritage enables him to spot the most dolphins, manatees and wildlife along our route. Salty Sam used to work at aquariums, but left because the fish weren't great conversationalists. He dislikes landlubbers (people with legs) and salt water flows through his veins, so be careful when coming aboard. The Sea Witch stole his singing voice, but Salty Sam does give a comical and whimsical narration along the tour!
"Long John Silver" is originally from Philadelphia, PA. He always wanted to be a pirate but there aren't a lot of open seas in Philly. He moved to Tampa in October 2016 and started at Pirate Water Taxi just a couple days later. John doesn't have a parrot on his shoulder like the original character, so he talks twice as much to compensate. He's an aspiring captain, but so far there's a big stigma against anyone named "Long John Silver".
"Overboard Alex" is Pirate Water Taxi's youngest pirate. His parents left him on board after a tour and we've put him to work ever since. He's also our clumsiest pirate. Sometimes he drops things overboard, so don't let him hold your belongings...or your kids. He's aspiring to be a Marine Engineer. His goal is to build a robot that can go underwater and reclaim all the treasure he's dropped.
"Mayhem Michael" is known for his motorcycle and causing chaos on the streets. One day he took a wrong turn and landed at the water taxi dock, causing considerable damage. Mayhem Michael has agreed to work for Pirate Water Taxi until he can pay for repairs. He's been trying to find the same thrill on the water, but jet skis don't pay as well- or as Michael calls them, "boater-cycles".
"Dangerous Dylan" has spent his life looking for sea monsters in the Great Lakes. After battling freshwater krakens, hunting Lake Michigan sea serpents, and a court case which involved harpooning a sailboat he mistook for the Loch Ness Monster, Dangerous Dylan changed course and headed south to look for the most dangerous sea creature of them all… The manatee! Dangerous Dylan says he wants to protect them, but what he really means is he wants to protect humans from the dangerous sea cow.
After sailing up and down the dangerous waters of Green Bay Wisconsin, Weylin decided to head south for warmer water. After sailing down the Mississippi River and down the gulf coast, Windward Weylin wound up in Tampa Bay. After hearing about the high winds and storms here, Weylin grabbed a pirate bandana and prepared for adventure aboard the water taxi.