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The Original Captain

"Yo Ho Joe" is the original founder of Pirate Water Taxi when he shipwrecked in Tampa back in 2016. If you see "Yo Ho Joe" out and about be sure to say hello as he’s been known to share his treasure with all. While "Yo Ho Joe" loves working for the water taxi and visiting people during events, he always goes back north in winter to visit his cousin Frosty.


"Angler Alec" is the only captain in Tampa Bay to hook the elusive Rūpahu Grouper. It took him 47 hours to reel it in, and all photographic evidence was destroyed in a mysterious armadillo incident, but fishers all over the world have asked Alec for help. To try and hide from all of the fame, Captain Alec has joined our crew hoping to discretely have another chance to find a second Rūpahu Grouper off the shores of Harbour Island. 


Captain "Mysterious" Mike came to us a short while ago and won’t speak of where he has been.  All we know is he loves dad jokes and can drive a boat like no other.  Oh!  And can sleep in a hammock anywhere, any time.


Fair Wind Aaron got blown in on a southeastern by northwestern wind. He sailed in on his little sailboat, the S.S. Chiclid. It sank off the coast of Harbour Island so Aaron just swam to shore and ended up at our dock. Legend has it that he does Shampoo commercials, in Atlantis.


"Addlepate" Angela is actually an artist who specializes in using sea glass. As sea glass became more and more scarce, Angela noticed that she could always find them where pirates engaged in a battle at sea. After looking high and low she found Pirate Water Taxi and realized this is the best place to find lots of pirates. While we don’t allow glass on the boats, Angela stays at the ticket booth waiting for some to wash ashore. 

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