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It\'s a great day to hop on the Pirate Water Taxi! Open daily at 11:30 AM.
It's a great day to hop on the Pirate Water Taxi! Open daily at 11:30 AM.
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The Original Captain

"Yo Ho Joe" is the original founder of Pirate Water Taxi when he shipwrecked in Tampa back in 2016. If you see "Yo Ho Joe" out and about be sure to say hello as he’s been known to share his treasure with all. While "Yo Ho Joe" loves working for the water taxi and visiting people during events, he always goes back north in winter to visit his cousin Frosty.


Captain "Castaway Chris" fell off his own ship the Enterprise and was stuck on a deserted island. After surviving there for a week eating wild boar, he busied himself reading a copy of Chapman’s Piloting and Seamanship that washed ashore shortly after he did. Castaway Chris was found by one of our water taxis. Chris decided that a life of piracy and sailing around Florida was more enjoyable than a life on a big boat, so he decided to join the Pirate Water Taxi crew, using the skills he read about to captain our taxis.


"Knotty Noreen" came off of a cruise ship’s lifeboat that she commandeered and set sail with. She cruised up and down the west coast of Florida but set anchor in Tampa after smelling some of the food coming from the shore. Once she saw the water taxis she decided to join the crew drive the boats, but with more preparation then the lifeboat she borrowed. Update: Captain Noreen has finally been able to take a boat. Whenever someone questions it she challenges them to an arm wrestle for the boat and so far she has won all 159 arm wrestle challenges. 


"Angler Alec" is the only captain in Tampa Bay to hook the elusive Rūpahu Grouper. It took him 47 hours to reel it in, and all photographic evidence was destroyed in a mysterious armadillo incident, but fishers all over the world have asked Alec for help. To try and hide from all of the fame, Captain Alec has joined our crew hoping to discretely have another chance to find a second Rūpahu Grouper off the shores of Harbour Island. 


“Jambalaya” Jesse stumbled unto the best Jambalaya chef in New Orleans. He wooed her, convinced her to sail the seas with him and teach him the recipe. They decided to settle down in Tampa and sank their ship off the coast of Saint Petersburg and burned the recipe.

"Salty Sam" has been with Pirate Water Taxi since March of 2016. He is 1/16 mermaid, and that's why he's salty. His heritage enables him to spot the most dolphins, manatees and wildlife along our route. Salty Sam used to work at aquariums, but left because the fish weren't great conversationalists. He dislikes landlubbers (people with legs) and salt water flows through his veins, so be careful when coming aboard. The Sea Witch stole his singing voice, but Salty Sam does give a comical and whimsical narration along the tour!

Treasure Map Tina is a celebrated cartographer and expert map decoder. She’s been tapped by many treasure hunters to look for buried treasure, and helped a certain unnamed movie director to find a certain unnamed shipwreck. The New York Tides has praised her book, The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Lost Tea Set, as “One of the Top 10 best books to read on the subway guaranteed to make you look mysterious.” Tina is working with PWT to help us find Garpar’s lost treasure which is rumored to be near or convention center dock.


Fair Wind Aaron got blown in on a southeastern by northwestern wind. He sailed in on his little sailboat, the S.S. Chiclid. It sank off the coast of Harbour Island so Aaron just swam to shore and ended up at our dock. Legend has it that he does Shampoo commercials, in Atlantis.


Terrible Tom is known for being terrible in everything he does. He doesn’t use his turn signal while driving, he talks loudly on the phone in a movie theater, and he doesn’t use coasters. One time he purchased 11 items at a store and still used the 10 items or less line. Naturally such a fiendish person fits in naturally in the PWT crew.


"Cannonball Kam" has the Olympic gold medal for Cannonball from the 2016 summer Olympics. This was only an event that year, as the judges decided that nobody could ever match Kam’s grace and poise as he descended into the water. Whenever someone asks if that was a real event he pulls out his medal to show them, then proceeds to jump in the water to prove his might. He spent time in Honolulu training for this event. While he has promised to not jump into waters now, Cannonball Kam joined our crew and is hoping to make a splash with Pirate Water Taxi. 


"Addlepate" Angela is actually an artist who specializes in using sea glass. As sea glass became more and more scarce, Angela noticed that she could always find them where pirates engaged in a battle at sea. After looking high and low she found Pirate Water Taxi and realized this is the best place to find lots of pirates. While we don’t allow glass on the boats, Angela stays at the ticket booth waiting for some to wash ashore. 


Judi "the Jester" is the author behind great books including “100 Great Jokes to Tell at Sea”, “1,000 Great Jokes to Tell at Sea”, and “A Lengthy History of Ancient Mayan Arts and Culture” all under her penname “Ms. Issippi Queen.” Judi is always in the mood for a good pirate joke, as she is currently writing her next book “10,000 jokes to tell at sea”  

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